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I’m a mother and a wedding photographer. My goal is to create an experience for you that is as laid back as a Sunday afternoon all while capturing your memories in a way that is as timeless as your grandmother’s silver set. 

The Augusta American Legion PRCA Rodeo – Montana

Since 1937, the Augusta American Legion PRCA Rodeo has been one of the largest one-day rodeo events in Montana. It all takes place on the last weekend in June and it is an event that rivals all others. The Augusta rodeo is the one that started it all for me.

Sure I had been to other rodeos, but something about that town and the atmosphere of the event was captivating. I was only 18 and I fell in love. I brought my camera, that never left my side, even back then, and tried to capture some of the action. There was such a thrill, sitting along the fence line watching it all.

I still remember the sounds and all of the dirt flying up and hitting me and the camera as I sat on the ground taking pictures. It’s been 11 years since that day, but I still remember it so well. One photo from that day was and always will be one of my absolute favorites that I have ever photographed. 

My goal this year is to get back to that place. While I can’t make the Augusta American Legion PRCA Rodeo this year, I mean that I want to get back to that excited feeling. This year I’m going to be pursuing more rodeo photography and I can’t wait to be there for the action!

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