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Central Pennsylvania Musician – Corina Rose

I met Corina Rose at the Party Barn in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania where she was playing for CapelloWelsh Management’s 1st birthday party. She is a country artist who grew up in Central Pennsylvania. Her love from country music came from her great grandma, “Nanny Ritchie.” Nanny Ritchie was in a folk band and she sang, played fiddle, guitar, and banjo. Corina has home videos, of herself as a toddler, singing along and tapping her feet while her Nanny sang. 

After Nanny Ritchie passed, her Mammaw made sure to keep country music in the family. Every morning her and her Mammaw would sing along to Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline. She was always fascinated by the songwriter’s stories. She always felt inspired to want to be a songwriter one day, too. 

Corina threw herself into music, singing at talent shows, singing contests, and country fairs. She sang everywhere from church to cookouts, and from campgrounds to living rooms. At 10 she started playing on the keyboard and she started turning her poems into songs. When she was 16 her dad taught her a few chords on the guitar and from there she continued to write new songs. Seeing her love for music, Corina’s mom passed down Nanny Ritchie’s Epiphone guitar to her.

Corina says that her purpose as a singer and songwriter in country music is to serve as an authentic artist. If you are local to Central Pennsylvania and love country music you should be sure to go listen to her play! Check out her page to see upcoming shows!

I hope that you enjoy a few favorites from my shoot with Corina Rose



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