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Equestrian Family Pictures – Gettysburg, PA

Here are a few highlights from Tiffany and AJ’s equestrian family pictures series! One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to capture families through their different stages in life. I first met Tiffany and AJ when they were expecting their little girl.

I did their maternity photos at a horse farm where Tiffany was boarding her horse, Chex. For their session they included her horse and their two dogs! When we first started their session the sky looked angry. We barely made it to the pasture before it started pouring on us. After waiting in the barn for a few minutes the storm let up and we had a beautiful evening!

I waited my whole career in Montana to have a family include their horses in a session and it never happened! I was so happy that Tiffany wanted to include Chex! I also really liked that they included their dogs. The two of them ran around like crazy and played in the creek, but in the end everything was perfect – because it was real life. 

Fast forward a year and I got to hang out with them for family photos! This time their dogs weren’t part of the session, but that’s because they not only welcomed a little one, but they also had a new equine addition to their family!

The day we did their pictures was a dreary fall day, but the pictures were so precious. I really enjoyed getting to see the horses interacting with their little girl. 

It really does mean a lot to me that I get to capture these beautiful milestones for families. I hope that you enjoy these favorites from their equestrian family pictures.

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