Olivine Fox - Central Pennsylvania Equestrian Portrait Photographer - Horse and Rider Photographer - Gettysburg PA

it’s so great to meet you

I’m Kasey

“from gold bands to gold buckles
                  and a little of everything in between…”

I’m Kasey, the artist behind Olivine Fox. My photography focuses real life and real moments, rich green tones and that bright, vibrant feel! I love the beauty of the countryside and lovely light. Celebrating individuality, I tailor each and every experience to you and your needs.

My work has been nationally recognized and featured in both magazines and online publications. I specialize in elegant, fairytale worthy, country weddings in Maryland, South Central Pennsylvania, and Montana.

In addition to photographing weddings, I also offer portrait sessions as well as horse and rider photography, equestrian event coverage, and lifestyle farm photography.  So whether you’re exchanging gold bands, winning gold buckles, or celebrating this chapter of life – I can’t wait to get to know you and look forward to capturing your story!

When I’m not creating magic with my couples I am with my little girl. I take her everywhere! I want to inspire a her and to instill in her a love for life, nature, travel and people. Through it all she inspires me too. She inspires me to see the joy, the happiness, and to cherish innocence.

KC Kreit Fox Illo-watercolor

The Story Behind The Brand

Taylor is my little fox. When I found out that I was pregnant I bought everything foxes. Then the day that she came home we even saw a fox in the yard. So I have kept with the theme.

Being born in July, Taylor’s birthstone is traditionally a ruby. However, being a Leo her stone is actually a Peridot. 

Life as a mom means that my life revolves around my baby girl. It only made sense to build my brand around her too. There were several sleepless nights where I couldn’t stop thinking about what I wanted. Nothing seemed to click. I wanted something  unique, but not cliche.

After awhile I started thinking of Peridot Fox, but that sounded like a jeweler to me. Doing some research I found out that Peridot is comprised of minerals including Olivine. The new name instantly stuck and I was in love – Olivine Fox.

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