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Midnight Farms – Maryland Lifestyle Farm Photography

I’ve been wanting to break into lifestyle farm photography for awhile. Not long after I got back to Maryland, I reached out to Shane to see if I could come out to his farm, Midnight Farms. The other week I had a chance to do pictures with him and his son working with he cattle. As he fed the cows, his son was busy playing. There was so much to capture and it was a lot of fun hanging out with them. I also enjoyed getting a glimpse into what they do. 

Here is a little bit from Shane about Midnight Farms – “I’ve always dreamed of farming since I was a kid. Bought my first cow when I was 10. Had a few since and then after I graduated college in 2015 I started buying more cows and old equipment to become self sufficient. Then expanded and upgraded equipment over the years to get where I am now.”

Shane hopes to keep growing so that way one day he has an operation for his son, Bentley, to take over. Right now he runs a cow calf operation in Westminster, Maryland and he is working to grow the heard. He raises the steer cattle for beef. They are grass fed for the first year and then are corn fed after that. Shane really loves what he does and even during these trying times for farmers he says that he wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

I really enjoyed taking these photos and am really excited to continue to build my portfolio in lifestyle farm photography. Thanks again to Midnight Farms for having me out!

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