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Shale Knoll Arena – Moores Winter Series

This blog post is a sneak peek of the Moores winter series horse show at Shale Knoll Arena. I am so happy that I had a chance to be the official photographer!

9 years ago I turned down the chance to photograph a barrel racing night in Montana. I was supposed to have an engagement session the same day and I never thought about seeing if I could move the engagement session to a different night. In my head, even though I loved watching barrel racing, my career was going to be in weddings. 

Over the last few years I have chased all the things that glitter, the noisy streets of New York, and the bright lights of Los Angeles. It sounds corny, but little did I know that my place, where I feel most at home, is in the dirt. I love capturing the action and catching the way the dust hits the light. 

No one can go back in time and see what might have been if they had only changed one decision. So when I had a chance to shoot as the official photographer for an event at Shale Knoll Arena I jumped on it. I loved watching all of the riders of all ages. It was great to see them doing what they love and it was a gorgeous day to be out! Thank you so much to Shale Knoll Arena and Redeye Rodeo for giving me the opportunity to be there. It meant a lot. 

**This is a sneak peek post. The full Moores Winter Series gallery is now uploaded.  If you would like to view the full gallery click here! That gallery will be where you can shop digital downloads and prints. (There is a note on the shop itself, but please contact me if you want to order more than 10 images.) Thanks again to Shale Knoll Arena for having me out! I hope that you love the images. Please be sure to share your favorites and tag your photographer. I hope to see you at your next event!

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